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KEIF(LP) License Cancelled

Commission says station was operating at higher than authorized antenna and airing real commercials

The FCC has rescinded the license for a low-power FM in Oklahoma based on what the agency says was the station’s failure to comply with the conditions of its conditional renewal.

The Media Bureau initially proposed a $10,000 fine for KEIF(LP) in Enid, Okla.

Chisholm Trail Broadcasting fought KEIF’s license renewal, successfully proving the LPFM was operating with a higher than authorized antenna and airing real commercials, not underwriting announcements.

The FCC granted a conditional license renewal for KEIF in 2010. However within 90 days, the station was supposed to file a report demonstrating that its antenna was lowered to its authorized height of 33 meters above average terrain, in addition to a certification that the station was following the agency’s technical rules.

Within 180 days of the conditional renewal and every 180 days thereafter, KEIF was supposed to submit a report on its underwriting, detailing all underwriters, the dates and times of on-air acknowledgements, plus the text of those announcements. KEIF was also directed to submit operating logs indicating the facility was operating in compliance with FCC rules.

The FCC says KEIF never responded to the renewal order nor the fine, and that none of these reports were submitted. In 2011, the proposed fine progressed into a forfeiture order.

KEIF did, however, apply for an STA asking for authorization to operate with a temporary antenna because of a lighting strike. The Enid Public Radio Association licensee detailed problems complying with its authorized coordinates; it finally found a tower, but its current facilities were damaged before it could move.

The commission did grant that STA in 2010 to allow KEIF to operate with a temporary antenna on the new tower at reduced power. KEIF told the commission it would follow up with an application for a construction permit to be permanently licensed at the new location.

The agency said this week KEIF never applied for a CP and the STA expired in 2011. It didn’t ask for another STA, according to the commission.

This week, the Media Bureau rescinded the conditional license renewal for KEIF and deleted the call letters from its database. The agency ordered the station to maintain the tower painting and lights until the tower is dismantled.