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Ken R. Releases ‘Second Jingle Book’

Ken R. Releases 'Second Jingle Book'

Author, jingle connoisseur and Radio World contributor Ken R. has released his second self-published book, “The Second Jingle Book,” a follow-up to 2001’s “The Jingle Book.” In this edition, he says he goes deeper into the radio ID business as it existed in the 1960s and ’70s.
The book includes color pictures of TM Productions and of Bill Meeks, former president of PAMS Productions, one of the leading producers of radio ID jingles.
Contents include an interview with Los Angeles programmer Bill Drake and a reprint of a 1990 article that appeared in Pulse about the operations at Drake Chenault. The author says he uncovered the reason the historic “boss radio” a capella jingles were sung in Los Angeles and why PAMS was passed over.
Also featured is a bonus chapter on PAMS with year-by-year events from 1951-1968, and chapter titled “Ask Ken R.,” in which questions are answered about “all things jingly.” The book was edited by Radio World Editor Paul McLane.
“The Second Jingle Book” is available through [email protected].