Kenwood Chooses SRS for Surround in Excelon Receiver

Kenwood Chooses SRS for Surround in Excelon Receiver
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Kenwood is featuring SRS WOW and SRS Circle Surround Automotive in a new aftermarket automotive receiver.
The SRS technologies enable the Kenwood Excelon DDX8017 to provide audio post-processing enhancements and surround sound. The DDX8017 is HD Radio and Sirius-ready, and features DVD, WMA and MP3 capabilities.
SRS Labs says its WOW technology is a combination of post-processing techniques for 3D stereo and bass enhancements.
"By featuring SRS technologies, we continue to provide the industry's most advanced audio technologies for delivering a home theater-type surround sound experience on the road," stated Keith Lehmann, vice president of car electronics for Kenwood USA.
Mike Canevaro, director of strategic development, surround technologies for SRS Labs, said Kenwood is an important part of the company's strategy to migrate digital technologies to the car.


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