Kenwood, Ibiquity Score Licensing Deal

Kenwood, Ibiquity Score Licensing Deal
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Kenwood Corporation has licensed Ibiquity Digital Corp.’s IBOC digital broadcast technology. Kenwood will integrate Ibiquity IBOC chipsets into a new line of digital aftermarket mobile and home receivers scheduled for launch at CES 2003.
“They were the first receiver manufacturer to join our coalition to make digital radio a
reality in early 1999, and we are extremely pleased to announce their commitment to license our technology for radios to be sold in 2003,” said Robert Struble, president and CEO, Ibiquity Digital Corporation.


iBiquity Garners Licensing Deals

LAS VEGAS IBiquity Digital Corp. has cracked the licensing deal barrier, an important step toward what it hopes is commercialization of its in-band, on-channel digital audio broadcasting system.