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KFWB’s Rudman to Retire

KFWB's Rudman to Retire

Richard Rudman, director of engineering for Los Angeles-based KFWB(AM), is retiring. He began in 1975 with the station, formerly owned by Group W and now Infinity/Viacom.
Rudman, who also chairs the EAS National Advisory Committee and the Los Angeles County local emergency committee, has enjoyed the years at KFWB.
“From 1968 when KFWB went “All News” it has been on the air for Los Angeles when it has really counted. On my watch we have been challenged by major brush fires,
power failures, earthquakes, riots, and more. And, we stayed on the air.”
“Since March of 1968 KFWB made and kept a promise of what we would do when
bad things happen in a great city. The KFWB Engineering Department I have
had the singular honor to lead kept KFWB on the air to keep that promise. For all those engineers, you made it happen. I am proud beyond words to have been part of this.”
“It has also been my distinct and singular honor to be a member of a family that extends throughout the country and throughout the world – the small family of broadcast engineers. Although sometimes under appreciated and often misunderstood, this group lit the flame we call broadcasting nearly a century ago and has kept it burning.”