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KGO Relinquishes 49er Broadcasts, Susquehanna Adds Them

KGO Relinquishes 49er Broadcasts, Susquehanna Adds Them

A sign that radio is starting to balk at sports franchise demands?
After 18 years as flagship radio station of the San Francisco 49ers, ABC news-talk station KGO(AM) walked away from talks about airing the games.
Instead, Susquehanna will air the games in that market on sports stations KNBR(AM), KTCT (AM) and classic rock KSAN(FM). The Giants’ flagship station is KNBR, so early 49er games will air on KTCT; once Giants season ends, KNBR would become the 49er carrier, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.
The Susquehanna deal is said to be for at least four years; KGO had two years left on its contract.
In addition to airing about eight hours of coverage on game days, Susquehanna plans added programming and promotion during the week, helping to tip the deal in their favor, said a 49er marketing rep. to the Chronicle.
The 49ners wanted a new business arrangement, according to the account.
Susquehanna agreed to a deal in which the 49ers will now sell the ad time for the game broadcasts and choose the announcers, according to the Chronicle.
“Despite our best efforts we have been unable to reach an arrangement that makes sense, given their current product and the business terms they are seeking,” said KGO President and GM Mickey Luckoff in a statement. “After lengthy evaluation, and a lot of soul-searching, we have decided that we are not able to justify the business arrangement insisted upon by the Forty Niners nor any further expenditure of our time, energy and resources.”