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Kiryung Gets FCC Okay for Sirius FM Modulators

Kiryung Gets FCC Okay for Sirius FM Modulators

Sirius Satellite Radio said one of its receiver manufacturers has resumed fabrication and distribution of Sirius branded receivers that include FM modulators.
Kiryung Electronics received new grants of authority from the FCC for the Xact Visor, Sirius One and Sportster Replay radios.
The grants were issued after the commission’s lab confirmed that the devices were compliant with applicable Part 15 rules that govern wireless FM modulators. KRI also continues to make the Sirius Sportster 4, the satcaster said.
Sirius did not say how soon product would be shipped to retailers, nor did it reveal the status of other manufacturers and their devices, such as Directed Electronics, which has said it’s cooperating in the commission probe of FM modulated devices found to exceed emission limits.
The satellite radio company said in a recent SEC filing that after testing, the FCC permitted a grant of authority for the Starmate Replay to remain effective, and it expected the agency to permit new equipment authorizations for other products shortly, including the Visor by U.S. Electronic.
Sirius radios that include compliant FM transmitters “may be subject to some transmission noise, which may result in us encouraging professional installation in some cases,” the company noted.