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KISS Country in Florida Launches ‘Gretchen 99.9’ on Multicast

KISS Country in Florida Launches 'Gretchen 99.9' on Multicast

Beasley keeps cranking out the multicast announcements, trying out different ideas on the new technology. Now it has launched “Gretchen 99.9,” positioning it as a “unique new radio station … on expanded radio spectrum made possible by HD Radio technology.” The south Florida station will be on WKIS(FM)’s HD 2 channel.
The country station is voiced by and named after Sony artist Gretchen Wilson. It was dreamed up by PD Bob Barnett and will have no commercials, at least for now.
Here’s how the station is marketing it:
“In conjunction with the release of ‘All Jacked Up,’ Wilson’s brand new CD from Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Gretchen Wilson herself has supported the birth of Gretchen 99.9 by acting as the station’s spokeswoman and inviting listeners to try ‘her’ station.”
The programming is also being streamed online.