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Klotz Adds Fanless 212 to Vadis Line

Klotz Adds Fanless 212 to Vadis Line

Klotz Digital debuted the upgrade to its Vadis product line, the Vadis 212 audio router and DSP engine. It is the successor of the Vadis 210 and handles up to 256 x 256 I/O channels. The company says it offers improved aesthetics, an enhanced front panel display and integration of a fanless PSU, which reduced frame size to 3 RU.
The Vadis 212 consists of a 19-inch main frame with 10 freely assignable slots for interface plug-in cards covering established analog and digital formats. Decentralized signal processing, routing and fiber optic audio networking offer shared access to inputs and outputs, as well as DSP functions.
The router comes with control software. To extend the operation and enable control from different locations’ Router Control Panels can be attached. The system status is monitored regularly and the last system status is stored automatically on a non-volatile memory to ease accessibility after power-off.
The fanless PSU is installed at the front of the Vadis 212 for accessibility and silent operation, which allows the user to install the engine directly in studios or other noise-sensitive areas. A redundant PSU is optionally available.
Multiple DSP cards are available to enable real-time audio processing like EQ, limiting, expanding, compression, level adjustment, level measurement for metering and alert, distribution and mixing.
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