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Klotz Digital America Restructures

Klotz Digital America Restructures

Klotz Digital America will either sell or close its Graham-Patten products division in Grass Lake, Calif., by mid-October and move its digital broadcast division from California to a facility outside of Atlanta.
Klotz Digital America President John Carey will leave the company when the restructuring is complete, he told RW Online.
Graham-Patten makes edit suite audio mixers for the television post-production market. Klotz purchased Graham-Patten in 2001 for an undisclosed price. Efforts to sell the division continue, Carey said.
Carey said the restructuring should not interrupt radio broadcast equipment operations.
“We will continue to pursue opportunities in the radio broadcast business. The demand for our networking systems and digital consoles remains very strong. The restructuring allows our U.S. operations to better suit the anticipated needs of our customers,” Carey said.
Klotz Digital America Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Klotz Digital AG, which is based in Germany.