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Klotz Digital Is Acquired

Thomas Klotz has resigned; new CEO has background in restructurings

Andreas Gruettner
Klotz Digital, a German maker of digital broadcast consoles and studio networking equipment, has been acquired and its founder — whose name the company bears — has resigned.

The manufacturer’s new CEO is an executive with experience in restructuring companies.

The buyer is UnitedScreens Media AG, a German advertising distribution company heavily concentrated on the point-of-purchase (POP) display market. It said this move secures “the future financial support of Klotz Digital” and that the owner seeks the “long-term stabilization of the company.”

UnitedScreens CEO Dr. Andreas Gruettner immediately assumed the position as Klotz CEO. Thomas Klotz, long the familiar face of Klotz Digital who founded it in 1990, has resigned.

A press release announcing the move indicated that the company intends to continue to support the broadcast market while exploring others. “Mr. Gruettner identifies the company’s main potential for growth in the international PA market,” it stated. He was further quoted as saying, “Even if we will not instigate drastic strategic changes at Klotz Digital, we now have a solid new base for the company’s future development” due to the takeover.

A call by Radio World to the U.S. office of Klotz reached a recorded message saying the office is closed. The company did not immediately reply to queries about the status of the U.S. office or the impact of the sale on U.S. operations.