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Klotz Has AEON On-Air Console

Klotz Has AEON On-Air Console

Klotz Digital debuted its AEON radio on-air console, targeted at small- to medium-market stations. The design is based on Klotz Digital’s “Air Board” concept; it is a 1-inch-thick flat-panel with a modular control surface. Graphic configuration software is featured.
The company says the AEON is available in eight-, 12- and 16-fader sizes. Each four-fader module has its own housing, so they can be connected or kept “floating” separately. Each channel strip has a 100 mm fader and alphanumeric display with 16 digits in two lines, on/off buttons and status indication LEDs.
The monitor-DSP-master control module offers access to DSP functions by way of rotary encoders and displays. It comprises bus assignment, 20 assignable push-buttons for monitor sources and 10 assignable function buttons for remote control.
Klotz says the audio/DSP and rackmount controller frame complete the AEON console. The rack frame includes an integrated controller, and an external single or optional redundant power supply.