Klotz, HHB Have Canadian Pact

Klotz, HHB Have Canadian Pact
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Klotz, HHB Have Canadian Pact

Klotz Digital Audio Systems Inc. said it has appointed HHB Communications, Toronto, as its exclusive value added distributor for broadcast products in Canada.
HHB is headquartered in London and opened a Canadian subsidiary in 1997. The company will be selling the Klotz broadcast product line including the VADIS product family and the new AEON on-air console.
HHB Communications President Dave Dysart called it a launch of Klotz Digital’s radio broadcast products into the Canadian market.


Klotz Wins RTM Contract

Klotz Digital won a contract from Radio Television Malaysia for a new regional facility in Kuching and Alor Star to supply Vadis MCR Routers, Vadis DC II and Aeon On-Air console surfaces.