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Klotz Ships First AEON Digital Console

Klotz Ships First AEON Digital Console

From the Who’s Buying What page of Radio World:
Klotz Digital said the first of its AEON on-air consoles is in service at SLB Radio Productions Inc. in Pittsburgh. The company produces a public radio program aimed at families and children. “The Saturday Light Brigade” originated in 1978.
The digital radio console went on air during the opening weekend at the newly expanded Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh this month, in a new studio in the theater of the museum. The program’s flagship station is WRCT(FM) in Pittsburgh.
Klotz markets the AEON as a solution for small and medium-sized stations; prices start at around $10,000. The digital console includes an integrated router and is available with 8, 12 and 16-fader control surfaces.