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Klotz Used in XM/FDP Soccer Studio

Klotz Used in XM/FDP Soccer Studio

On the Who’s Buying What page: Klotz Digital said XM Satellite and Fútbol de Primera are using its products for play-by-play commentary, analysis and pre- and post-game coverage from Germany during the 2006 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament.
Radio and TV broadcasts are generated from the International Media Center on the grounds of the New Trade Fair Center in Munich. Klotz said XM and FDP are running the largest radio broadcast facility at the IMC.
A main control room, two continuity studios and two speaker rooms for the Spanish- and English-language broadcast teams were installed. The continuity studios are equipped with 16-fader Aeon consoles. One VADIS 880 and two VADIS 210 audio engines are used as console audio frames. All areas are interconnected via multi-channel fiber cables.