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Klotz Wins First U.S. Install for Varizone Product

Klotz Wins First U.S. Install for Varizone Product

A facility buildout for RadiOhio Inc. of Columbus, Ohio, is the first U.S. implementation of the Varizone Digital Public Address System from Klotz Digital America. Klotz also is providing Vadis DCII Digital Broadcast Consoles and AudioMedia platform technology.
The supplier uses its Variable Audio Distribution Interface System as the basis for the Varizone system. The Columbus stations will have a customized, zoned speaker system to provide music and program content to public areas, plus facility-wide paging.
The system integrates with the RadiOhio audio distribution system so any program source can be assigned to PA speakers. The Varizone system uses an intelligent digital powered amplifier module that allows decentralized, individual control of each speaker.
Eight channels of digital audio, data and control information plus power for active speakers are transmitted on one UTP cable. DSP in each module allows dynamics, EQ, SPL and delay. A multi-channel audio bus allows individual distribution of content to a selected speaker or a defined zone.
The system meets or exceeds standards for emergency sound applications, Klotz said. Each powered speaker system, connected control modules and interfaces are equipped with surveillance control. Info: