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Klotz’s X4P Network Exchanges Audio Production Content

Klotz's X4P Network Exchanges Audio Production Content

The new X4P Network from Klotz Digital allows users to distribute audio signals, graphic and video images via the Internet.
An X4P Network subscriber, who has been authorized by the producer, can access media data stored on servers on a secure private network. For secure storage and transmission, the X4P Network scrambles the signal, enabling pre-listening at lower quality levels.
Audio and multimedia contents are coded with MPEG-4/AAC algorithms.
Producers can track the distribution chain by a unique watermark identifying the producer and the receiver at all times. Producers can send his content information from point to multipoint and can enable his customers to download from the server.
Users interested in purchasing program data available on the network install a PCI X4P board into a PC and sign in the subscriber service to become a registered user.
To downloading program content, the user purchases a soft key from the producer or his e-commerce agent. Then the content can be implemented into the transmitted program or saved in their private archive.
For more information contact Klotz Digital America Inc. in Georgia at (678) 966-9903 or check out the Web site at
Paul Cogan