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KNET(AM) Joins the Expansion to FM

An FM signal comes to the oldest radio station in East Texas.

“Listeners who enjoy the talk show format of KNET 1450 AM, but are frustrated by the decrease in signal strength during the evening hours can now continue to enjoy that same format with just a flip of the dial.”

Here’s how a local Texas newspaper is covering the simulcast of “the oldest radio station in East Texas” on the FM band.

A station official called it “good news for Westwood football fans who like to listen to games broadcast on Friday nights. It also allows fans of talk radio shows like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly to continue listening during the evening hours.”

He said the station will now be able to broadcast to a 25-mile radius on FM as well.

“I am so excited about this expansion,” the Palestine Herald quotes him as saying.