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KNUZ(AM) Wins Renewal Over Objections

An effort to deny license renewal to a Texas AM has failed.

An effort to deny license renewal to a Texas AM has failed.

In a case that dates to 2005, the FCC has granted the application of licensee Roy E. Henderson for renewal of KNUZ(AM) in Bellville.

Several people had filed objections arguing that Henderson had committed violations during the license term and they asked the FCC to give the license to the operator of an apparent unlicensed low-power AM in Monaville, Texas, called CAT-AM, “because they prefer its programming.”

The objections claimed that KNUZ’s studio was non-functional; the public file had not been maintained since 2002 and was located at another radio station; and the station operated for only two weeks per year by simulcast from another station Henderson owns.

The FCC said the complaints failed to provide evidence and that Henderson had refuted them in a signed affidavit.

“Moreover, we reject the Objectors’ request that we ‘award’ the KNUZ(AM) license to Tom Johnson,” the FCC staff wrote. “There is no statutory provision that would authorize the commission to take such an action.”