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KOOP Struggling to Recover After Second Fire

KOOP Struggling to Recover After Second Fire

Some stations just don’t have any luck.
Texas noncom station KOOP(FM) suffered a setback Feb. 4 when a fire swept through its facilities, destroying studio equipment and forcing KOOP off the air again.
The further twist to the story is that KOOP had been damaged about a month earlier, when a fire in a second floor apartment caused damage to the building and smoke damage to its equipment.
A fund has been established to help the station relocate.
The Feb. 4 fire started in a club on the same block as KOOP. It spread to the building that houses KOOP including the station’s studios and offices.
The radio station says it will not be able to resume full operations until it secures new equipment and a new location. The station is working on contingency plans to return to the air with limited capabilities.
KOOP says that through the efforts of its staff, volunteers and listeners, it had begun to recover from the Jan. 6 fire, but the second fire further strained its limited resources. The station says it anticipates paying at least double the amount of rent it currently pays, and that the studio and studio equipment will have to be replaced.
The Help KOOP Relocate Benefit Show is scheduled for Friday (Feb. 10).