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KPBS Staff Unionize

Radio, TV employees join SAG-AFTRA

Radio and television staffers at noncommercial KPBS in San Diego, voted to join SAG-AFTRA as their union.

The new bargaining unit will cover 55 public media professionals who produce, report, host and present content for television, radio and the Internet. This election allows them to move forward to negotiate a first contract, according to the union.

“We will be standing with you to ensure that your quest for a real voice at work, guaranteed by a binding union contract, is heard and respected,” said SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard, Executive Vice President Gabrielle Carteris, Secretary-Treasurer Amy Aquino and National Vice President, Broadcasters Catherine Brown in a statement to KPBS staff.

KPBS is the second public station in Southern California to organize with SAG-AFTRA this year. In January, staff of KPCC in Pasadena voted to join SAG-AFTRA. The union also represents public media professionals at NPR, KQED in San Francisco, WNYC in New York and other stations.