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KPCC Calls on Clear-Com

Intercom system allows communication outside of facility

Southern California Public Radio station KPCC(FM) in Pasadena has installed a Clear-Com intercom system as part of its new facilities.

(See here for an inside look at the project from KPCC Director of Broadcasting Doug Johnson.)

At the heart of the installation is a Clear-Com 48-port Eclipse Meridian Digital Matrix. Clear-Com V-Series panels were distributed throughout the facility and a satellite studio in downtown Los Angeles for local interfacing with the system. The satellite system interfaces with the Pasadena system via a T1 line.

The V-Series panels, 12-button desktop models along with 12-button wall-mounted and 24-button panels, are placed with producers and in studio facilities. The system allows for multiple “pages” of intercom destinations to be displayed on the screens, depending upon the situation or show.

Johnson said the system solved worries over how staff would communicate between the first and second floors. “We especially like the V-Series 12-button panels. We are able to access as many as eight shift pages in addition to the primary page, which includes the 12 most common connections for each show.”