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KPCC Synchs With Harris, SCMS

Southern California Public Radio adds booster

Station KPCC(FM) in Pasadena, Calif., purchased a Harris Intraplex Synchrocast 3 system, using it to extend FM service to a larger audience.

The purchase was made through dealer SCMS.

“KPCC has synchronized their main site on Mt. Wilson with a new booster site located on Magic Mountain overlooking Santa Clarita Valley and a potential 400,000 new listeners,” said Doug Tharp of SCMS.

Because there are no phone lines at the Magic Mountain site, the station chose Exalt 5.8 GHz TDM radios to extend the conventional T1 from Verizon to Magic Mountain Peak.

Chief Engineer of Southern California Public Radio Lance Harper is pictured. The station airs at 89.3 MHz.