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KRCM Will Take Part in Kahn’s Cam-D Tests

KRCM Will Take Part in Kahn's Cam-D Tests

Is Cam-D gaining a beachhead in the digital radio debate?
KRCM(AM) in Beaumont, Texas, said it is one of the 10 stations in the country that will be part of initial trials for the Cam-D digital broadcast system.
The system is promoted by Leonard Kahn and is touted as an improvement over the Ibiquity Digital system. Proponents say benefits include full mono audio fidelity on existing analog receivers; enhanced reception; nighttime service; and digital text stream.
Kahn told Radio World that he expects the stations to begin field tests by the end of the year. He says Cam-D will restore AM to 15-kHz stereo fidelity by using digital processing.
He said, “The receive end of this has a very big potential if it’s done right. AM radio going digital and doing the tricks (the system) is capable of, can make the receiver shoot right up. That’s where the money is and where our patents will go.”
Kahn said he would make a small amount of receivers available to his test stations as pre-production models. Read more in an upcoming issue of Radio World.