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KRKO Wins FCC OK for New AM Towers

Longstanding fight has included bird, real estate and cancer objections.

The Federal Communications Commission has approved the application of KRKO(AM) in Everett, Wash., to build towers to help boost its 1380 kHz signal from 5 kW to 34 kW during the day and 50 kW at night.

KRKO’s reach now is limited largely to Snohomish County, President/GM Andy Skotdal told the Seattle Times and argued to the FCC in his long-running battle for approval. The station airs a sports format.

As we’ve previously reported, opponents cited numerous reasons to block the project, including a potential threat to migratory birds, lower property values and the specter of cancer from the RF radiation exposure.

In its decision, the FCC said it was satisfied with the environmental information supplied by Skotdal, and that the Snohomish County citizen group had not proved their objections.

Skotdal said he plans to build a four tower array — one 349 feet tall, the other three 199 feet tall — two miles south of the city of Snohomish; he hopes to have the towers operational this year.