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KROQ Goes With VoxPro

Audion Labs ships four editors to the L.A. station

Audion Labs, which makes the VoxPro digital editors, has shipped four VoxPro control panels and software units to CBS station KROQ(FM) in Los Angeles, according to the manufacturer’s Charlie Brown.

Audion VoxPro software and hardware uses one resizeable screen to display edit recordings and masters. Popular file formats AIFF, WAV, WMA, MP3 and MP2 can be exported and imported in stereo or mono a file at a time, or in groups of files at one time.

VoxPro PC software is for radio station control and production studios. It digitally records and edits voice, sound effects and music clips on two tracks or one (mono). VoxPro Control Panel is manufactured for the company by JL Cooper Electronics.

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