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KRXA, FCC Reach Deal

Agreement settles allegations of indecency, sponsor ID rule violations

The FCC and the licensee of KRXA(AM), Carmel Valley, Calif., have reached an agreement settling allegations the station violated both the sponsorship ID and the indecency laws.

The commission received and investigated a 2009 complaint that the station violated the sponsorship identification laws by airing a regularly scheduled call-in program without disclosing that the host had paid the station to appear, and that it violated the indecency laws based on “vulgar” language the host used “repeatedly.”

Station licensee Harold Ginsberg told the agency the program was no longer airing on KRXA.

To reach a settlement and end the case, Ginsberg admits the broadcast violated the sponsorship identification laws and the indecency laws. Based on demonstrated financial hardship, KRXA will make a $15,000 “voluntary” contribution to the U. S. Treasury within 30 days to resolve the allegations.

There are plans to sell the station to El Sembrador Ministries, a nonprofit broadcaster, and leave the broadcast business.

If the station is not sold, KRXA will implement a three-year compliance plan.