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KSJO Fined $14,000

KSJO Fined $14,000

Clear Channel Communications’ KSJO(FM), San Jose, Calif. is apparently liable for $14,000 in fines by the FCC for airing apparently indecent material on two occasions. The first bit was a joke that aired at 1:15 p.m. Aug. 25 in which a little girl asks her father about sex in the shower. The station said the material was not explicit. The commission disagreed.
The second fine was levied after air personalities on the morning show discussed the proper way to perform oral sex. The station said the guest, Dr. Natasha Terry, is a nationally recognized sex therapist and that she kept her discussion clinical.
The FCC said the DJ’s invitation for Dr. Terry to use a prop was intended to be “pandering” and that the material appears to be indecent because it contains language that describes sexual and/or excretory organs in patently offensive terms.
KSJO has 30 days to either pay the penalty, or seek its reduction or dismissal.
Leslie Stimson