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KSTJ Pushes HD Radio

KSTJ Pushes HD Radio

No one can accuse Beasley’s KSTJ(FM) of not doing its part to promote HD Radio. Here’s the text of a press release from the station this week. (This is one in an occasional series posted on RW Online showing the strategies of various broadcasters in marketing digital radio.)


New Commercial-Free, Subscription-Free, All-Music Channel Showcases Dance, Urban 80’s and More –

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, April 25, 2006 – The HD Digital Radio Alliance, a joint initiative of leading radio broadcasters that is accelerating the rollout of HD Digital Radio, endorsed Beasley Broadcast Group Inc.’s (Nasdaq: BBGI) Star Party 102.7-HD2 KSTJ-FM, the broadcasting group’s first HD2 programming in Las Vegas.

Since last fall, Beasley has been airing Star Party 102.7-HD2 a commercial-free, all music channel broadcasting 24 hours a day that features an upbeat club mix of dance and urban 80’s music. The station broadcasts in crystal clear, CD-quality sound made possible by HD RadioT technology. The new station can be accessed with any HD Radio receiver by setting the tuner to “102.7 – HD2”. Once a listener has obtained an HD Radio receiver, Star Party 102.7 – like other HD Radio offerings – are free of subscription fees.

“Its great to offer more choices to our listeners based on the capabilities of the HD Radio technology,” said Las Vegas Market Manager, Tom Davis. “The combination of our top-notch programming on Star 102.7 and the new music offerings of Star Party 102.7 through HD Radio provide the Las Vegas listening community an unbeatable line-up of 80’s music.”

HD Radio is a new technology that enables AM and FM radio stations to broadcast their programs digitally, providing listeners with radically improved audio quality, better signal reception, song and artist information, as well as the ability to choose between multiple programming options on the same FM frequency. In addition to the new programming launched on Star Party 102.7, the regular programming at Star 102.7 is also being broadcast in HD Digital Radio. In addition, through HD Radio technology, the stations offer scrolled text providing artist names and song titles, weather forecasts, news headlines, local announcements such as school closings, and other important local information. For more information on HD Digital Radio, visit

Mike O’Brian, Program Director of Star 102.7 KSTJ-FM, commented, “The most incredible dance clubs in the world are right here in Las Vegas, so the programming decision was obvious, given our core audience who hit up these clubs to enjoy the music they love! The dance hits of the 80’s and the current dance artists who have produced re-makes proves that this genre of music is more popular now than it has ever been. Through the power of HD Radio, we now have the ability to offer just that and without the burden of subscription fees.”