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KUCR Remembers Bill Elledge

Co-founder of station died in March; he had served as chief engineer since the late 1960s

The California engineering community has been noting the death of William Elledge, who passed away in March. The CGC Communicator newsletter carried a report on his passing, which was not widely reported, this month.

The longtime engineer and program host had cancer. He was 62.

He was a founder of KUCR radio at the University of California, Riverside in 1965 and had been its chief engineer for four decades; he also was a familiar presence on the air in the “Inland Empire” region of the state and engineered several other area stations.

Louis Vandenberg, KUCR’s station’s director and GM, is quoted on its Web site saying, “He wasn’t simply a superb and resourceful broadcast engineer. He was a wonderful original, with an unforgettable personality, profound intelligence and a deep knowledge of music, history, culture and politics.”

Here’s more about Elledge, and a KUCR guest book with recollections.