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Kurt Hanson Launches Slipstream Radio

Offers multichannel, 'personalizable' versions of your radio station online; company also inks deal with Triton.

A new company run by Kurt Hanson is aimed at helping broadcast radio stations make money online.

Hanson is the CEO. Its management team includes Paul Maloney as VP of programming and Ralph Sledge as VP of technology.

Slipstream Radio will be based in Chicago. It grew out of Hanson’s AccuRadio online business, which evolved from articles in his online RAIN newsletter. Slipstream now runs the infrastructure behind various Internet radio sites.

Hanson said the goal is to help broadcasters stay relevant as consumers listen more to their iPods, satellite radio and Internet radio, and as the Internet becomes increasingly available via various channels.

He said his company will seek to help stations offer a product designed for Internet delivery, “a multichannel, personalizable version of their local radio station brand.” It will be available for a monthly cash fee plus bandwidth and royalty costs, or for barter.

Online listeners will be able to pause songs, skip songs, eliminate selected artists and mix multiple genres in a customized stream. Broadcasters can choose from 350 channels of music developed by Slipstream for AccuRadio ,or create one from Slipstream’s music library.

The company also reached a partnership with Triton Digital, under which that company will provide Slipstream services to broadcasters and other content providers.