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KUVO/KVJZ, I-News, Rocky Mountain PBS to Merge

Partnership for Colorado ‘redefines public media’ for viewers, readers and listeners

Public television and radio serving the Denver area, plus a statewide news network, have begun a formal merger. Experts say to expect more of these moves as pubcasters adjust to a new normal in these times of limited dollars.

Rocky Mountain PBS, I-News and FMs KUVO/KVJZ said they are joining to “redefine public media” for Colorado’s viewers, readers and listeners.

Rocky Mountain PBS CEO Doug Price said the media organizations have partnered over the years and the merger is a continuation of that, though in this case, they’re “expanding services and growing membership.”

Rocky Mountain PBS and I-News have partnered since the launch of the nonprofit investigative news service in 2009. The organizations have shared content and location.

FM stations KUVO/KVJZ and Rocky Mountain PBS have also collaborated over the years on projects. KUVO/KVJZ Acting CEO and PD Carlos Lando said, “We look forward to working more closely with Rocky Mountain PBS and believe our commitment to the Latino community will be well served by this growing partnership.”

The three organizations have started the transition to share resources, information and newsgathering capabilities. They believe the result will be strengthened collaboration, improved resources and a deeper ability to meet consumer needs in what they characterize as “this evolving media environment.”

These mergers are a product of a planning process that was inspired by the Rocky Mountain PBS board and the Gill Foundation, according to those involved. Last August, Rocky Mountain PBS joined forces with the foundation to open the Tim Gill Center for Public Media in Colorado Springs. This public media center brings together 20 partners and is serving as the public media hub for the Southern Colorado community.

The collaboration is a model about how public media, universities, libraries and nonprofits can join together to serve the community. The merged partners hope to announce additional collaborations that will continue to build on this new definition of public media.

The parties anticipate the formal merger between KUVO/KVJZ and Rocky Mountain PBS to close this April.