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Kuwait Inaugurates FM, DAB+ Station

Sultan Telecom has launched first of two stations for the Ministry of Information in South Subahiya

Sultan Telecom, a subsidiary of The Sultan Center Group of companies, recently inaugurated its first of two radio stations as part of an agreement with the Ministry of Information.

The first project, says Zawya, consisted of setting up an FM and digital radio station in South Subahiya for the ministry and is valued at approximately 2.15 million Kuwaiti dinar (about US$ 7.5 million). The ceremony for the station, which took place in early October, welcomed the Minister of Information and State Minister for Youth Affairs, Sheik Salman Al Humud Al Sabah.

The new station, which simulcasts on FM and DAB+, makes use of three 20-kW FM transmitters as well as a fourth redundant FM transmitter serving as backup. Powered by means of two power generators provided by the Ministry of Electricity and Water, the station is also equipped with an RDS system and transmits its radio signals via a 200-meter high tower, the release said.