KXPR Awards Contract to Jampro

Frequency-matched tower and antenna in Sacramento
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KXPR(FM) in Sacramento, Calif., a classical music-formatted Capital Public Radio station, has chosen supplier Jampro Antennas for a turnkey installation including a 500-foot tower. Equipment includes a JHPC Penetrator FM antenna (shown) mounted on a frequency-matched tower and Proline rigid transmission line.

Jampro says that the JHPC is a high-power FM version of its Penetrator antenna. The Penetrator-style radiating element with a 3 1/8-inch shunt feed line is factory-tuned to any frequency in the FM band II (87.5–108 MHz) range on a tower structure that bests simulates the customer’s actual tower — in this case, Jampro’s FMT.

Jampro also designed the FMT tower structure to match the spacing of the antenna elements. For each, Jampro says it locates the structural tower members in the optimum position to create a symmetrical backdrop for each of the radiating elements. The company feels that the result is a mounting environment that minimizes signal distortion and maximizes pattern precision and predictability.


Jampro Sells Package to WLIR

Jampro Antennas said Jarad Broadcasting station WLIR(FM) in New York state ordered a JMPC two-bay antenna plus an auxiliary JMPC. Both are to be configured at the supplier’s test range to minimize downward RF radiation exposure.