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KYWA Finds the Way With GatesAir

New transmitter improves reliability and saves money

Way Media Director of Engineering and IT Dave Shelton (right) stands in front of KYWA(FM)’s new GatesAir transmitter with Phil Jennings, Way FM’s Mid-South regional engineer. Way Media’s KYWA(FM) in Wichita, Kansas recently took delivery on a 10 kW GatesAir Flexiva FAX FM transmitter. The solid-state transmitter replaced a larger tube transmitter that was becoming increasingly unreliable and requiring extensive maintenance, according to a release.

Working with equipment retailer SCMS, KYWA made a quick purchase decision to accommodate an upcoming pledge drive. The transmitter was delivered and was up and running within 24 hours.

The smaller Flexiva runs more efficiently and cooler than the old tube transmitter thus saving money on energy and cooling costs.

WAY Media Director of Engineering and IT Dave Shelton said, “The performance benefits have been immediate; our expense in spare parts alone have been reduced to $0, and the Flexiva’s air-cooled design saved us the expense of a complete five-ton HVAC system.”

Shelton added, “But the biggest benefit for us is consistently being on the air. The Flexiva installation is a major reason why we made our pledge drive goal. By having such an affordable and high-quality transmitter ready to ship on short notice, GatesAir and SCMS helped us through a very challenging situation, and allowed to rebuild credibility with our overall audience.”

According to the release, an additional benefit cited is the Flexiva’s HD Radio capability.