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KZSU in California Goes With Logitek

Manufacturer also notes sales in Kentucky and Louisiana

Logitek reported several recent orders.

Stanford University’s FM station KZSU expanded its system with the purchase of a Mosaic control surface.

Wallingford Broadcast/WYCO(FM) in Richmond, Ky., ordered a JetStream console system with two Remora control surfaces.

The United Houma Nation in Golden Meadow, La., purchased a pair of JetStreams and two Pilot control surfaces. The equipment is for new NCE station KUHN(FM), which will air Native programming.

Logitek also reported orders to TV stations including an Artisan system to WDAM in Hattisburg, Miss., while Heartland Video Systems purchased JetStream units and two Remora control surfaces each for stations KXMC and KXMB, both in North Dakota.

Users and suppliers may send news of recent notable purchases or sales to [email protected].