Lackness Moves On

Lackness Moves On
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John Lackness said his contract with Marti Electronics expires on Nov. 30.
"I will no longer be taking 'how do I do this with a Marti' questions on behalf of Marti Electronics," he tells RW, "but users can feel free to email me via if they would like with their questions, or can call me at (210) 775-2725 if they would like to purchase Marti products, or others."
Lackness left Marti, which is owned by Broadcast Electronics, last winter to start his own broadcast supply and services company, Converse RF.


Lackness Plans to Take a Show on the Road

Paul McLane is U.S. editor in chief of Radio World.John Lackness hopes to take up where the late Larry Bloomfield left off.Lackness, a sales rep for SCMS, is making plans for what he calls the Broadcasters Roadshow. It’s ambitious he