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LaComb Offers Stations ‘Turnkey Imaging’

LaComb Offers Stations 'Turnkey Imaging'

We’re heard of turnkey radio station installations. But turnkey voiceovers?
Ed LaComb runs Ed LaComb Audio Imaging, based in Syracuse, N.Y. He’s announced what he calls a strategic alliance with prominent voiceover artists. Its goal is to sell stations a “complete turnkey solution” for imaging. His target is markets outside the top 50.
“In the past, stations would have to complete separate agreements for talent and imaging production services,” said LaComb, who also is an occasional contributor to Radio World.
The package provides voice and imaging production for 15 sweepers per month for $400 per month.
The talent lineup includes LaComb, Rich Boerner, Lori Bradley, Erin Bristol, Jon Carter, John Driscoll, Rob Fiorino, Howard Kroeger, David Lee, CC McCartney, Buffy O’Neil, Mike Otis, Tina Perkins, George Robinson, John Smith and Christie Tanner. Info: