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Lady Bird Dies; First Lady Also Was Radio Owner

Lady Bird is dead.

Lady Bird is dead.

The former First Lady, widow of Lyndon Johnson, was also a name in the world of radio thanks to her purchase in 1942 of KTBC(AM) in Austin, with part of her inheritance, the New York Times reports in its obituary.

She was 94.

“Although the station was bought in Mrs. Johnson’s name, her husband’s political influence, even though limited at the time, helped in acquiring the license from the FCC,” the Times recounted. “Johnson became the commission’s champion at a time when Congress was about to cut its budget. Mrs. Johnson’s application was speedily approved.”

The Johnsons grew their broadcast business and at one time it included KTBC Television and cable interests.

Radio World published a 2003 article about the station and the Johnsons’ involvement.