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Late Renewal Fines Levied for Two FMs

FCC says KZRB, WBRO each owe $1,500

Late renewal paperwork has tripped up two FM licensees.

The FCC proposed a $1,500 fine for filing late license renewal paperwork for B & H Broadcasting Systems Inc., the licensee of KZRB(FM), New Boston, Texas.

The agency says B&H filed the paperwork more than a month late with no explanation that would suggest unusual circumstances.

It’s prepared to grant the renewal when the Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture is settled. B&H has 30 days to appeal or pay.

In a similar case released just before the Thanksgiving holiday, the Media Bureau says it hasn’t received a reply from Crawford County Community Radio Inc., the licensee of WBRO(FM), Marengo, Ind. Last November the bureau proposed a $1,500 penalty for Crawford filing renewal paperwork for WBRO four months late.

The proposed fine has progressed to a forfeiture. “We conclude that licensee willfully violated Section 73.3539 of the rules and that no circumstances warrant reduction or cancellation of the forfeiture,” states the bureau in its decision.

The bureau will not grant license renewal until Crawford has paid the fine.