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Latest VoxPro Is $179

Latest VoxPro Is $179

A new version of Audion Labs’ VoxPro audio editor will be available for download Monday. The company is targeting applications requiring quick audio recording and editing; it retails for $179.
VoxPro e2 is a one- or two-track editor. It requires Windows 98, 2000 or XP.
The company says features include instant recording in all modes; import and export of all file types including MP3; recording and playback in stereo or mono; unlimited undo/redo for the life of each recording; editing using the keyboard, num-pad or mouse; ability to insert audio into existing files with one-button insert-record; bleep effect; and VoiceSlip, which auto-separates the host/caller talkover.
Downloads are available Jan. 12. CD-ROM versions ship later this month, the company stated.
VoxPro was introduced as a two-track phone-call editor for Macs in 1993. A PC version with added features came out in 2001.

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