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Latvia Extends Reach of Its Digital Radio Tests

DAB+ reception expands from 40 km to 60 km around Riga

Digital radio is on the move in Latvia, as the Latvian State Radio and Television Centre has announced that it is increasing the reception zone for its DAB+ trials.

The transmission supplier originally placed the zone at 40 kilometers around Riga when the tests began in late 2016, but it has now been bumped up to 60 kilometers.

The boost in the area is a result of an increase in power (from 0.5 kW to 1.5 kW) of the transmitter being used for the digital radio tests. In addition, the number of DAB+ programs available during the trials has been increased from six to 11. The additional five DAB+ programs were only previously available on the internet.

The LVRTC asks residents receiving the digital radio broadcast tests to provide feedback on the quality of reception through an audience profile available on its website.

While this testing continues, the LVRTC says it will look at the cost and requirements for building a digital radio infrastructure for the entire country.