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Lawo Gear for Radio 24

Swiss station upgrades its broadcast facilities

Systems integrator, SLG Broadcast has installed a complete broadcast center in Zurich-based private broadcaster Radio 24’s new complex.

The station now boasts two new broadcast studios and associated equipment rooms and 24 editor workplaces, some of which feature an audio-over-IP connection. The site also houses a studio and stage for small performances, a digital signage system and an automatic camera system for Web streaming.

The two studios are identically equipped with Lawo sapphire mixing consoles. Each console is fitted with 12 faders and includes a central module that can be operated by the host. Each desk also features an additional four-fader module with a configurable touchscreen.

In the production studio, a Lawo crystal mixes live stage performances and records them on a Pro Tools DAW. The crystal and the DAW are both connected to the central router via MADI. For telephone phone-ins, Radio 24 uses a Broadcast Bionics PhoneBox installation, which handles all call routing and messaging as well as social media integration.

According to Lawo, studio 1 is equipped with four HD-SDI-cameras and a vision mixer that is able to switch the right camera onto the Web stream — triggered by the fader position of the Lawo consoles. This feature permits Radio 24 website visitors to see what is happening in the studio.

“The technical solutions for radio are so advanced that we were able to provide open workspaces, integrate moving pictures and audio, and route the program via mouse-click to different distribution paths,” said Marc Straehl of SLG Broadcast. “Thus, Radio 24 is able to produce programs in a global and modern way, not only using the phone but also the social media streams that are available at the host’s console. And although the station produces global programming, it remains close to the people of Zurich.”

Five of the 24 editor workplaces have a complete IP connection to the Lawo router, including intercom access to all studios. The Lawo JADE virtual audio control center permits routing for phone interviews, multitrack editing and intercom to be readily accessible at the editor workplaces. JADE handles connections between all of the audio streams within the PC.