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Lawo Performs at Asian Games

L-S-B’s VSM system is handling router links, monitoring and scheduling

Approximately 110 IP-based Lawo Commentary Control Units are being implemented for the broadcasting of commentators’ audio during the Asian Games, a pan-continental sports event, which is taking place Sept. 19–Oct. 4.

In addition, says the company, 10 Lawo mc2 consoles are being used for sound mixing — eight mc256 consoles in the various venues with a further mc256 in the International Broadcast Center (IBC) and a Lawo mc266.

Lawo has sent 22 support technicians to the event to manage its gear, which, it says, includes the LCUs connected to the IBC’s commentary switching center via fiber optic. Lawo’s rental partner, Audio Broadcast Services supplied the equipment, while Lawo provided the technical concept, onsite implementation and support service.

L-S-B’s Virtual Studio Management system is controlling the router links between the venues and the monitoring and scheduling of the 45 distribution channels. Fifty hardware panels and 10 software GUIs are being used, while two more central software GUIs display the transmission schedule and status monitoring on the main monitor wall in the contribution, distribution and transmission center. In total, the Asian Games is using eight VSM systems in Korean OB vans, the IBC and a backup OB van.