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Lawo Provides Aid to Tibet People’s Radio

The company contributed mixing and routing technology for single broadcaster’s network

After its launch in January, the Tibet People’s Radio Station in Lhasa, the capital of the Tibetan Autonomous region in China, reached out to Lawo to help provide a central router for networking between all its on-air stations. Lawo is providing the network with its Nova 73 HD router core and its sapphire and crystal mixing desks.

The Nova 73 router provides 8192×8192 crosspoints and serves as the hub of the installation. Eight People’s Radio stations will then be equipped with 12-fader sapphire mixing desks, and 12 of its dubbing stations will receive 8-fader crystal mixing desks; both mixing consoles support 32 DSP channels. With these systems, the stations are expected to be able implement future expansions and upgrades.

The People’s Radio Station is aiming for a September completion date for the installation.