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Lawo Technology Expands in Poland

Polish partner LP Systems has implemented Lawo gear in various projects over the last year

Lawo continues to develop its presence in Poland. During the last year, the company says LP Systems, its Polish partner for audio production, radio and IP-based products, installed Lawo equipment at various broadcasters and provided remote production gear for international sports events taking place in the country. Projects include the World Games 2017, Radio Opole, Radio PIK, TV Polsat, Radio dla Ciebie and Polish Television.

At Radio Opole, LP Systems revamped the station’s OB van by replacing the station’s Lawo zirkon console with a 24-fader sapphire and VisTool GUI builder software. As part of the project, LP Systems upgraded the frame and used the DSP cards from the previous installation. This, explains Lawo, provided the most cost-effective solution for the broadcaster’s needs.

LP Systems also modernized Radio PIK Bydgoszcz’s main on-air studio with Lawo sapphire fader panels and central control section using the frame of a previously installed zirkon console, plus two Lawo KSC rack panels. Radio PIK’s remote studio in Toruń was also upgraded with the installation of an eight-fader crystal console.

“Taking advantage of the flexibility provided by the Lawo equipment — in terms of customizing the functionality of the console and the use of sapphire and crystal modules in zirkon frames — LP Systems minimized the cost to the customer, as well as enabling Radio PIK to control the remote studio externally using Ravenna,” said Lawo in a press release.

In addition, LP Systems recently enhanced Warsaw-based Radio dla Ciebie’s zirkon console with sapphire fader panels from 16 to 20 faders, and added a sapphire central module and master card in the main on-air studio.