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LBA Again Makes Ranking of Minority-Owned Businesses

Lawrence Behr founded it in 1963

LBA Group Inc. is again ranked among the top 50 minority-owned businesses in North Carolina and the top 500 in the United States.

DiversityBusiness has included LBA in that ranking for five years running. It is a national association of minority-owned businesses.

LBA Group has two divisions. LBA Technology Inc. manufactures and distributes systems and components for the transmission and control of radio frequency energy; its customers are radio broadcasters, wireless carriers, military organizations, laboratories and health care centers.

Lawrence Behr Associates Inc. provides radio frequency consulting services to clients in the homeland security, wireless and mining industries.

According to a company bio, Lawrence Behr founded the firm in 1963 “after being attracted as a teenager to the realm of broadcast engineering, with its radio and TV transmitters, sky-scraping towers and the overall aura of wireless communication.” Behr’s father was a native of Mexico.