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Less of Kitten No More

Less of Kitten No More

Maybe next time Clear Channel can use one of its own billboards instead.
Unpdating an item we reported earlier: The Chicago Tribune reports that WKQQ(FM) in Lexington, Ky., has yanked a billboard promotion in which air talent ‘Kitten’ removes one piece of clothing each time the local football team wins a game. The billboard company (Lamar, according to the signs) objected.
The promotion will remain on the station Web site.
“The stunt — to reward Kentucky Wildcats football victories — ended at the behest of the billboard company,” the Trib reported, attributing that to the station PD. “Meaning the shirtless billboard — she was to pare down to a pair of jeans and a bra Friday — will move to cyberspace and the billboard will get a ‘censored’ box covering the disc jockey.”
The PD said he understands why the billboard company complained but he wanted to fulfill a pledge to the football team.