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Levin: No Conspiracy on Stern Action

Levin: No Conspiracy on Stern Action

Vocal supporters of the First Amendment turned up the heat during the House debate over indecency fines (see above). A few Democratic lawmakers opposed the bill, suggesting it’s an attempt to suppress those who speak out against the Bush Administration, according to Reuters.
Rep. Gary Ackerman, D-New York, was one of several lawmakers who supported shock jock Howard Stern, saying Clear Channel took him off six of its stations not for indecency, but because he criticized the Bush administration.
In response to Radio World’s query on this point, Clear Channel Radio’s Washington lobbyist Andy Levin called the charge “nonsense.”
“It’s amazing to me that people are so quick to buy into conspiracy theories. The truth is we pulled Stern because the broadcast in question was sexually explicit, completely over the line, and had no place on the air,” Levin said.