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Liberman Sells and Switches

La Ranchera moves to FM in L.A.

Spanish-language specialist Liberman Broadcasting recently sold its well-known KHJ(AM) station to Immaculate Heart Radio. Following that transaction it is moving the popular La Ranchera south-of-the-border music format to its FM property KWIZ.

For historical note, KHJ is a legacy Los Angeles station dating back to 1922. Over the decades it has been associated with CBS Radio, RKO, Mutual Broadcasting; it was Ground Zero for the “Boss Radio” format and was an L.A. top 40 powerhouse in the late 1960s until a contest-caused traffic accident caused legal problems. There are several KHJ Boss Radio websites.

Show host names that have been through the various KHJ studios include Bing Crosby, Robert W. Morgan, Don Steele, Charlie Tuna and Dave Diamond.